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Wearth: Issue One (Magazine)

Wearth: Issue One (Magazine)

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We are excited to be able to bring you the first ever issue of Wearth Magazine to be able to order for home delivery.

Published by Generation W, which originally started as a book featuring 100 women writing about living through 100 years since they began to receive the vote in the UK, WEARTH is a magazine that is creating a voice for young women to show their ever evolving nature through uncensored interviews and exclusive quality visuals throughout. 

Issue one comes from Liverpool, a city in Northern England which is famed for culture and music but one with a reputation for being outspoken and filled with strong women. 


Issue One includes interviews with: 

Sophie Quayle: an events promoter who grew up with no father in the house and a mother who was addicted to drugs. Sophie now discusses how she raises her little girl in the male dominated nightlife world, having started her career putting on illegal raves. 

Maggie O'Carroll: When she was 26, back in 1996, Maggie started the UK's largest network for women in work, and has since helped 50,000 women into jobs. She gives her advice about succeeding in the world. 

Ashleigh Warrener: a social media influencer with 500,000 followers online, Ash talks to the magazine about what normal life truly is. 

Ngunan Adamu: Dubbed the Nigerian Scouser, Ngunan talks about arriving in England at a young age, and how she uses her voice as a radio presenter at BBC Radio Merseyside. 

And many more unique and inspiring stories within this 100 pages A5 magazine. 

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