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Wearth Issue 3 (DIGITAL)

Wearth Issue 3 (DIGITAL)

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GENERATION W Presents ISSUE 3 of Wearth Magazine. 

We are living in a new age, where people are seeking truth away from social media, looking for an inspiration in people being different, and uniting over a common struggle of a dwindling creative economy leaving people uninspired. This is why Generation W has decided to produce Issue 3 of our Wearth magazine and completely reformat it. In this bumper 162 page issue you can read exclusive and uncensored interviews from unique women from across London, New York City and the United Kingdom all under one exclusive place. 

Interviews in Wearth are accompanied by no budget photography by visual artists with decades of experience in the creative industry, utilising the truth of the women and their original characters. There were no make-up artists, no studio productions, no sponsors and a lot of truth to inspire people reading of all ages: 

  • Read from stories from women in music such as Grammy nominated Sophie B. Hawkins from New York City who has sold over a million records, to Yuxin Lei from China who has over 20 billion streams on her work online, and much more.
  • A special feature on women in London five years on from the original Generation W book, including an in-depth interview with magician Laura London who went from being homeless as a teenager to the youngest woman inducted into the Magic Circle, and B-Girl Roxy, a champion breakdancer who opened the 2008 Olympics and now a mother who mules over when she can perform at the 2024 Olympics where breakdancing is listed as a competing sport for the first time ever
  • Inspiring interviews from women in the visual arts such as Girls On Film Podcast host Anna Smith, acclaimed music video director Kassandra Powell and 22 year old photographer Sara Shots who has already photographed household names in the music industry 
  • Exclusive behind the scenes looks at Generation W's groundbreaking live music events at legendary venues in London and New York City where artists such as Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix, Sting, Adele, Lady Gaga and many more have performed at. 

And much more. 

For people in London, up until 1st May 2024, when you get a digital copy of Wearth magazine and show your Special Ethics email receipt in store at Farm Girl Cafe in Notting Hill, London and you will receive a free tea or coffee. 

We recommend downloading the free Kindle app to view the magazine. 

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