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Urban Legends (Paperback)

Urban Legends (Paperback)

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'On average, musicians die 25 years younger than the rest of society'

Special Ethics exclusively bring you the first edition paperback of URBAN LEGENDS, the debut fiction book by ex-music video director Nick Donnelly who has in his career worked with musicians who have sold over 150 million records. The former director has created an intense collection of ten dark fantasy stories inspired by his thirteen year career, and the personal fears of the famous musicians that he has met. 

From the moment you enter into the tales of Urban Legends, be prepared for a host of twists through suspense, deceit and tragedy; leaving you questioning what you think you know about the music industry. 

Stories include: 'Aphrodiet', the tale of an ageing RnB artist who has lost love and is offered a chance at redemption in her career at the expense of her values: 'Parental Advisory', a story of censorship within a musician who has said the wrong thing to the wrong person: 'The Final Cut is the Deepest', a dark satire on music videos and what would happen if escapism became reality, and several other tales of horror, betrayal, fantasy and legend.

Paperback. 170 pages.

Printed in the UK by Urban Kingdom.
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