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Hip-Hopulation (Digital Edition)

Hip-Hopulation (Digital Edition)

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THIS IS A DIGITAL ONLY PRODUCT. PURCHASE TO DOWNLOAD IMMEDIATELY AND READ WHEREVER YOU ARE IN THE WORLD. We recommend downloading a free app such as 'Kindle' for the best experience to read the book on your digital device.

50 years ago, the largest musical movement in history was formed. Not by design but by revolution.
Originally the sounds of poor outcasts living among one of the world's most expensive cities, Hip-Hop has become the most universal creative culture the world has ever seen. In the process, it has become one of the wealthiest. If you turn on any award show, any television station, any radio station it will not be long before you witness Hip-Hop, or so you think.

Can the sounds of the masses truly belong to the elite few? How can we celebrate an art built from struggle while neglecting those who share its origins in the modern world?

Hip-Hopulation is a new book by Nick Donnelly, a former music video director who has directed music videos with Method Man, Ruff Ryders, and interviewed Hip-Hop artists such as Ghostface Killah, Freddie Gibbs, Immortal Technique and many more, as Nick talks uncensored and exclusively to 15 of the most inspiring Hip-Hop artists across every living continent in the world.

Set across 20 hours of personal conversations; Nick, a Hip-Hop fanatic since the golden age, seeks out modern stories globally untold of how Hip-Hop has truly changed the world, far beyond what is played on the radio or television station.

In Hip-Hopulation read from:

  • BK, a Hip-Hop artist from the notorious 'City of God' slums in Brazil who has had his music videos watched more times than the population of Brazil.
  • Prabh Deep, who produced a record in New Delhi, India in a room with no windows and with very little money, to then get to number 1 on the ITunes chart.
  • Ez Mil, from The Philippines who recently signed to, and featured on a record with Eminem.
  • R-Mean in Los Angeles whose latest independent album is produced entirely by super producer Scott Storch and features Nas, Method Man and more.
  • Lioness, a rapper and a doctor in Namibia.
  • Frenkie, who escaped the Bosnian War as a child to return to Bosnia and helped bring Hip-Hop to the decaying buildings, restoring hope to the people in the community.
  • Kobie Dee, an Aboriginal Hip-Hop artist in Australia 
  • And more celebrated artists from Italy, Sweden, New York City, London, Manchester and Amsterdam.

Hip-Hopulation is the first book in the 50 year history of Hip-Hop to unite the global artists around the world. The book is filled with stories of hope, struggle and passion from artists who lead change in their community, while being told throughout by an independent artist sharing his own stories of rising from living in race riots in a small working class town to shooting no budget music videos with immigrants on estates to standing on stage with Wu-Tang Clan and making a music video for a record that Jay-Z sampled on the title track to his last album.

Whether you are a fan of the culture, or you just want to learn what the hype is all about, Hip-Hopulation invites you to a world of change.

Page count: 301

The physical edition of Hip-Hopulation will be out soon. With every purchase of the digital copy of 'Hip-Hopulation' until 31st March, you will receive a special discount to get the first edition collectors edition physical version of the book for just £9.99 delivered.

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