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Generation W (Hardback)

Generation W (Hardback)

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‘Generation W is a celebration of humanity, of strength and of will. I just found it really encouraging to discover monumental achievements from women I had never heard of before, if anything it put the setbacks of 2020 into perspective.’
Review, EJ Babb

SPECIAL ETHICS is the only place to order a first edition hardback print (2019) of Generation W. 
Stock is very limited. 

Generation W is a collection of original and unseen written interviews with 100 iconic and inspiring British women who lived through 100 years on from when women began to receive the vote in the UK.

Within the book are the same ten questions which explain what drives legends, how they overcame struggle and what is the greatest advice they have for other people.

A Woman is more than One Word:
The same 10 questions, completely different answers.

  • Unearth what racing car driver Susie Wolff MBE and Winter Paralympics champion Menna Fitzpatrick MBE have in common.
  • Discover what jobs champion athletes such as Sally Gunnell OBE, Becky Downie and Elise Christie would love to do if they hadn’t found success in their fields.
  • Learn how actress Lily Cole’s youth growing up without a television shaped her career.
  • Study pages of intimate advice from bloggers with millions of followers online who enjoy the freedom of writing in a book for the first time.

Greatness takes time:

Communication is inspiring people faster than ever before but at what consequence? So much on the phone is buried within tailored algorithms and hidden behind location, perception and status.

  • Generation W is something you can pick up on your phone wherever you are, whenever you want.
  • Within minutes your mind can feel empowered and inspired to continue your own personal journey.

Uncover advice from NHS Lifetime Award Winner Dr Averil Mansfield CBE who was the first British female professor of surgery, Women's Equality Party leader Mandu Reid who was the first black leader of a political party in the UK and many more pioneers.

A cast of characters:
From breakdancer Roxy to elusive artist Bambi, rock musicians Nova Twins and Suzi Quatro, beatboxer Kimmy, 6 year old skateboarder Ophelia, self-made millionaire Lara Morgan and many more. Every page is unexpected and unique yet designed to be read in whatever order your mood feels like.

Your journey:
Although we live through the same year, that doesn't mean we have the same experiences. The most important part of Generation W is inspiring you in your moment.

  • Read the stories of Hannah Williams, a former teacher whose voice was sampled on the title track to Jay-Z’s last album, and Carla-Marie Williams a former youth worker who would write ‘Freedom’ for Beyonce.
  • Understand magician Laura London who failed her GCSE’s while diagnosed with ADHD and a couple of years later become the youngest woman to be inducted into the Magic Circle.

Wherever you are in the world:

What makes the UK special is our universal culture. Read from chef Romy Gill MBE who is originally from India, aviation student Maya Ghazal originally from Syria, record producer Catherine J Marks originally from Australia and more.

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